1950? F.H. & Freddie Grubb

Dating this undated Catalogue:
Para 4 of the Introduction mentions "the late FH Grubb", so it post-dates Fred's death (6 Mar 1949)
The Haydons Rd address (cover) means it pre-dates the Holdsworth take-over (end of 1951)
It predates the model range in the Nov 1951 price list (Blue Star, Southern Cross, Silver Comet & Golden Meteor)
The new Touriste gents & ladies models were advertised Nov 1950 but are not here suggesting pre Nov 1950
Window is Mar 1949 to Nov 1950, unlikely to be produced soon after Fred's death, so I think late 1949 for 1950.
Note: Merkens 'Crackle' finish is available as an Extra.

1950 Cover Introduction Extras Repairs & Terms
1950 Cover 1950 Introduction 1950? Extras 1950 Rear Cover
D'Avignon Cycle D'Avignon Frame Frame close-up
1950 D'Avignon Cycle 1950 D'Avignon Frame D'Avignon Frame Close-up
Côte D'Azur Cycle Côte D'Azur Frame Frame close-up
1950 Côte D'Azur Cycle 1950 Côte D'Azur Frame Côte D'Azur Frame close-up
Sprint Omnium Cycle Sprint Omnium Frame Cycle close-up
1950 Sprint Omnium Cycle 1950 Sprint Omnium Frame Sprint Omnium Cycle Close-up
Perfection Cycle Perfection Frame Cycle close-up
1950 Perfection Cycle 1950 Perfection Frame Perfection Cycle Close-up