Nov 1951 F.H. Grubb

The frame price list (no cycles mentioned) is dated Nov 1951 and appears to have come with this frame catalogue, however, the catalogue could be either the 1951 range or the proposed 1952 range (had they survived that long). We would expect them to show their 1952 range at the Olympia Show (Nov 1951). The Holdsworthy Co. bought the marque before Easter 1952.
Nov 1951 Cover It's Easier on a Grubb Repairs Nov 1951 Prices
1951 Cover It's Easier on a Grubb It's Easier on a Grubb Repairs Nov 1951 Price List
Blue Star Southern Cross Silver Comet Golden Meteor The FH Grubb signature
will be FH Grubb the son.

All can be lugged or lugless
bar the Golden Meteor which
has fancy lug options.
Nov 1951 Blue Star Nov 1951 Southern Cross Nov 1951 Silver Comet Nov 1951 Golden Meteor
The poor quality of this brochure reflects the Company's financial difficulties, however the frames are expensive.

The Golden Meteor, which appears to be a re-named Perfection, is over £20 in Nov 1951. I think that would be over 3 weeks wages for the average man, so well over £1000 today. It is 15% more than the top Holdsworth, the 1952 Whirlwind at £17-17-0. The top Claud Butler in 1952 was the Massed Start at £15-15-0, pretty much the price of the cheapest Grubb!