1946 Aluminium Headbadges

Holdsworth & Claud Butler

An aluminium badge can indicate an immediately post war frame.

Aluminium was freely available in 1939. Many aluminium accessories were offered in "Aids to Happy Cycling" 1939.

Aids 1939 page 20 Aluminium kit 1939 Aluminium kit 1939
At the start of war aluminium became very scarce. It had been discovered that aluminium powder added to explosives greatly increased the blast, but there was not enough supply. All available aluminium went to depth charge production, there wasn't enough for bombs until 1943. Aluminium scarcity until 1943
As war came to a close, aircraft and munitions production reduced, so that immediately post war, aluminium was more readily available than brass. Rationing of many goods lasted until 1950.
From war end until sometime in 1946, Holdsworth used an aluminium headbadge. Neil Foddering's original finish 1946 Holdsworth has an aluminium headbadge and an aluminium headclip, these were not sold by Holdsworth pre-war. 1946 Holdsworth badge 1946 Aluminium headclip
A Claud Butler Lady Lightweight made in Dec 1946 and in original finish sports an aluminium headbadge. So it does appear to be a general shortage. Dec 1946 Aluminium Claud butler headbadge The pre-war Holdsworth brass rectangular badge, with a dark background, re-appeared late 1946 or 1947 as shown on Doug Smiths original finish 1947 La Quelda. 1947 Brass Headbadge
A head-decal was fitted to this 1948 La Quelda (original finish), whether this was due to shortages is not known. 1948 La Quelda gets head decal