1936 Claud Butler

1936 Cover Introduction Testimonials  
1936 Cover Introduction Testimonials  
Special Features 1 Special Features 2  
Special Features p4 Special Features p5  
All-rounder De Luxe Tourer Lady Lightweight Miss Modern
1936 All Rounder 1936 De Luxe Tourer Lady Lightweight Miss Modern
Supreme Anglo-Continental Super Taper Tube Silver Arrow
1936 Supreme 1936 Anglo-Continental 1936 Super Taper Tube 1936 Silver Arrow
EHC International Path Ultra-Lite Road-Path DSH World's Championship Path
1936 EHC International Path 1936 Ultra-Lite 1936 Road-Path 1936 DSH World's Champ Path
Super-Velo RR Record Tricycle & 3 Speed Tricycle Silver Ace Tandem Super Club Shortbase Tandem
1936 Super-Velo RR 1936 Tricycles 1936 Silver Ace Tandem 1936 Super Club Shortbase Tandem
Record Olympic Tandem Super-Fast Tourer Tandem Dual-Purpose Tandem  
1936 Record Olympic Tandem 1936 Super-Fast Tourer Tandem 1936 Dual-Purpose Tandem  
Frames Extras Terms of Business Back Cover
1936 Frames 1936 Extras 1936 Terms of Business 1936 Back Cover