1954 Claud Butler

This undated catalogue can be dated by the foreward
1954 Cover Claud Guarantee Alternatives
1954 catalogue 1954 foreward Guarantee Alternatives
Features Designs Lights
Frame features Frame Designs Sturmey Archer Advert
Coronation Jubilee New Allrounder International Club Competitor
CB Coronation CB Jubilee CB New Allrounder CB International Club CB Competitor
Avant Coureur Special Massed Start Saxon 'TT' Ladies models
CB Avant Coureur Special CB Massed Start Saxon Twin Tube Ladies Variants
The Road Track model World's Championship Sprint, Olympic Sprint Unicycles, Polobikes, Pace Followers. Triplets, Quads Tandems: 'Ultra-Shortbase D.P. models'
CB Road Track Sprints Speciality Cycles CB Tandems