1970 Claud Butler

This undated catalogue can be dated by the following observations:

Tipo Strada 'First Introduced in 1969' and calls this one 'The 1970 styled Tipo Strada'.
The 'International' is the CB clone of the factory Holdsworth Professional Track, introduced in early 1970.
Prices are in 'Old Money', so pre 15 Feb 1971 (Decimalisation Day).
The Gran Sport in this & the post decimalisation 1971 cat both say 'Introduced last season', if not a typo, it implies this cat is after the end of the 1970 season, but pre 15 Feb 1971, so late 1970.
1970 Cover Electron Super 5 frame or cycle
1970 Catalogue cover Electron Super 5 Electron Super 5
Olympic Road Olympic Road Track
Olympic Road frameset Olympic Road-Track frameset
These models only available as framesets International
International track frameset
Gran Sport frame or cycle
the Gran Sport the Gran Sport
Corridore (cycle only) * last year*
the Corridore the Corridore
Tipo Strada ' Velo', 'Record' & 'Super Record' cycles
Tipo Strada Tipo Strada Velo Tipo Strada Record & Super Record
Cordon Bleu * last year* Torino & Super Torino frameset only Back Cover
page 13, Torino frame page 13, Torino frame 1970 Rear Cover