1971 Claud Butler

As the prices shown in this catalogue are in 'New Money',
I assume this edition was published soon after Decimalisation day, which was 15 Feb 71
1971 Cover Electron Super 5 frame or cycle
1971 Catalogue cover page 1, the Electron Super 5 page 2, the Electron Super 5
Olympic Road Olympic Road-Track
page 11, Olympic Road frame page 12, Olympic Road-Track frameset
These models only available as framesets International
page 10, International track frameset
Gran Sport frame or cycle
page 3, the Gran Sport page 4, the Gran Sport
Velox '71 cycle * NEW *
page 5, the Velox page 6, the Velox
Tipo Strada ' Velo', 'Record' & 'Super Record' cycles
page 7, Tipo Strada page 8, Tipo Strada Velo page 9, Tipo Strada Record & Super Record
Torino & Super Torino frames or cycles Back Cover
page 13, Torino frame page14, Torino 1971 Rear Cover