1977-78 Claud Butler

1977 / 78 Cover Dating this undated brochure
Catalogue cover Holdsworthy moved to 1 Oakfield Rd (rear cover) between May 75 & May 76.

A CB catalogue for 1977 (perhaps launched late 1976) says CB frames have been made for over 40 years and the Colstar gets Universal 68 brakes.

The Intro here says "Claud Butler- for over 45 years one of the most famous names in bicycles" and the Colstar has Universal 77's (launched in 1977), so it is later. Claud started in 1928. It would be 50 years in 1978, suggesting this brochure is late 1977 to early 1978, for 1978.
Intro & Cresta cycle Cycles Frames
Intro and Cresta Majestic, Jubilee, Competitor and Colstar Cassino, Colstar and Speedway
Cresta, Majestic, Jubilee, Competitor & Colstar. Cassino, Colstar & Speedway