1985 Claud Butler

1985 Cover Dating this undated brochure to late 1984-1985 Detailed Specs
CB 1985 Front Cover

Introduction 1985 Intro says CB over 50 years so post 1978, but the rear cover has the Oakfield Rd address, so pre 1986.

Dalesman & Ladydale are here, they first appeared in 1982, but the Super Dalesman is also here & that came later. Tandems were re-introduced to the CB range for 1984. A pricelist dated 16 Jan 84 gives Majestic Two and De-Luxe Tandems, as per the undated catalogue coded 84/1 (Jan 84). This Cat only has the Majestic Two, no De-Luxe. The Jan 84 Cat has the Sierra & Panache as here, but it also has the Brevet & has no Canyon MTB

This cat has no Brevet & only one tandem, it also has the Cadet & Canyon ATB, suggesting late 1984 or 1985. In 1986 there is only one tandem, the Majestic Two as here. The Canyon ATB is also offered in 1986. so this catalogue must be late 1984 or 1985.

CB 1985 Rear Cover
Cadet *New Model* Sierra Canyon: 1st Claud Butler mountain bike
1985 Cadet 1985 Sierra 1985 Canyon Mountain bike
Majestic Majestique Majestic Two Tandem
1985 Majestic 1985 Majestique 1985 Majestic Two Tandem
Dalesman / Ladydale Super Dalesman Panache
1985 Dalesman & Ladydale 1985 Super Dalesman 1985 Panache