1986 Claud Butler

1986 Cover Dating this undated brochure to sometime 1986 Introduction
CB 1986 Front Cover

The rear cover gives the Alma Works in Darlaston address, which is Marlboro.

Marlboro bought The Holdsworthy Co Ltd late in 1985 and moved from Oakfield Rd London to Darlaston, West Midlands soon after. Their custodianship was short lived as Falcon bought the Holdsworth & Claud Butler marques in Feb 1987.

So the Darlaston address dates this catalogue between very late 1985 & Jan 1987.


Introduction 1986
Corsa *New Model* Mistral Lady Mistral
1986 Corsa 1986 Mistral 1986 Lady Mistral
Elan Sierra Cresta
1986 Elan 1986 Sierra 1986 Cresta
Majestic Majestique Majestic Two Tandem
1986 Majestic 1986 Majestique 1986 Majestic Two Tandem
Dalesman Lady Dale Super Dalesman
1986 Dalesman 1986 Lady Dale 1986 Super Dalesman
Canyon   Back Cover
1986 Canyon Mountain bike The 'Canyon' appears to be the first Claud Butler mountain bike CB 1986 Rear Cover