1978 Holdsworth Catalogue

Courtesy of Nick Manley

Cover   Introduction
1978 Cat cover From the Introductory text, it is clear this undated brochure was issued during 1978, after Phil Corley won the 1978 BRRC but before the team disbanded at the end of the season. Introduction
1978 address

Framesets Professional Cycles:
  • Professional SL *New*
  • Professional
Others may be available as frameset only,
(Special, Mistral and Championship?)
  • Super Professional SL
  • Super Professional Super Rec gruppo
  • Nuovo Professional Nuovo Rec gruppo
Professional  framesets Professional Models

Mistral Special Championship
Mistral 1978 Special 1978 Championship 1978
Autograph 531 1978 Mystique 1978 Equipe 1978
Autograph 531 Mystique Equipe