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Road or Track model

The Cyclone-de-Luxe ran from 1948 to 1951, it was top of the 1949 range. It featured ornate British lugs with long spearpoints, these points were added by Holdsworth and used only on the Cyclone de Luxe.

1948 Cyclone de Luxe Track, note the special fork crown, on this full chrome example.

(Pics courtesy of Jonathan Agnew)
Headtube Head lug
1948 track frame Bottom Bracket Under the Bottom Bracket Pure Track end (no eyelets)

1949 Frame Cyclone De Luxe Flyer Cyclone De Luxe Special Club
1949 Catalogue Cyclone De Luxe Cyclone De Luxe Flyer Cyclone De Luxe Special Club
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1950 Detailed Spec 1950 Extras La Quelda Club La Quelda Flyer
1950 Cyclone de Luxe
Frameset Spec in Detail Extras Cyclone de Luxe Club Cyclone de Luxe Flyer
1950 Cyclone De Luxe:
  • Road or Track Model
  • Ornate lugs
  • Chromed fork crown
  • Diamond on crown top.
  • Half plated seat and chain stays.

Arthur Staff of Grimsby assembled this bike new, on 23rd Sept 1950. Note the down-tube decal and the beautiful Holdsworth lugged stem to compliment the ornate frame lugs. This stem was available fully chromed, or with chromed lugs and red centre tube as on this bike.

You can just see the finely cut diamond pattern on the top plate of the fork crown.

1950 Cyclone De Luxe
1950 Cyclone De Luxe

1951 Cyclone De Luxe1951 The last year of this classic model. It was available in Road or Track variants, but as frameset only.

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