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Holdsworth Hurricane

1934 HurricaneThe Hurricane Cycle was being offered in 1933-34 but had been dropped by 1938.

1953 the modern Hurricane was launched. It was available in both lugged and welded (filet brazed) versions, in a limited colour range. The tubing on these early ones was either Reynolds 531 butted or Accles & Pollock butted. By 1961 it is Reynolds 531 plain gauge.
1953 1953 Hurricane 1954 1954 Hurricane
Extras 1953 Hurricane Extras 1954 Hurricane
Full 1953 Catalogue Full 1954 Catalogue

1955 1955 Hurricane 1956 Offered as frameset only for the first time. The welded option may now have gone.
1955 Extras
Extras 1955 Hurricane    
Full 1955 Catalogue  

1957 1957 Hurricane 1958  
1957 Extras
Extras 1957 Hurricane    
Full 1957 Catalogue  
1957 or 58 Model in original finish.
(pics courtesy of Nick Manley)
1957 headshot 1957 Front Picture
1957 DT decal Hurricane TT decal Hurricane TT decal 1957 seatlug
1958 Model, before and after refinish. (pics courtesy of Peter Brown) 1958 headtube 1958 BB 1958 Agrati dropout
seatlug headtube headtube headtube
seatlug seatlug DT decal Bottom Bracket

1960 or 61 Model. Notice that the lugs & fork crown have changed.

(pics courtesy of Doug Smith)
Heat tube seatlug Agrati ends
Late 1960 - early '61
Golden Hurricane

Courtesy of Mark Jeavons
1960 -61 Golden Hurricane Golden Hurricane head tube Reynolds decal Agrati end without hanger
1961 Hurricane Golden Hurricane Road Test Advert
1961 cataloge Hurricane 1961 catalogue Golden Hurricane 1961 Golden Hurricane 1961 Advert
If bought as a frameset it can be in any colour, but complete cycles are golden.
      whole 1961 catalogue
The above road test indicates the DT transfer in 1961 is still the WF Holdsworth signature.

1964 Hurricane Golden Hurricane   Policy
1964 Hurricane 1964 Golden Hurricane   Holdsworthy standard range only

Whole 1964 catalogue The 1964 Hurricane has a newer (than the 1961) Holdsworth decal.

1964 or 1965 will have been the last year of the Hurricane