Holdsworth Mistral

1934 MistralThe early Mistral was available in 1934 and was a copy of a Tour de France frame. This early model was gone by 1938.

Re-introduced in 1963 It was bang up to date in design and became the most successful Holdsworth road frame. It was a full Reynolds 531 butted frameset at a modest £13.19.6d and was an immediate success. It had 72o parallel angles, Prugnat "I" Type Italian spearpoint lugs and a plain, sloping-shouldered crown. The 41" wheelbase made it versatile, being suitable for time - trialing to touring, with ample clearances and safe steering. Its best feature was its incredibly strong rear triangle, its 5/8 " seat stays fully wrapped over the seat cluster by a long tapered chamfer. It had Campagnolo forged dropouts with screw-in adjusters. It was robust, reliable and cornered well. It sold very well and effectively blew away the Cyclone and Monsoon.

1964 Mistral frameset only  
1964 Mistral    
1966 Mistral frameset only Cyclone
1966 Mistral 1966 Cyclone The Cyclone is now a budget Mistral, in plain gauge 531 with Agrati rear ends.
1968 Mistral frame Mistral cycles Cyclone
1968 Mistral frameset 1968 Mistral cycles 1968 Mistral cycles text 1968 Cyclone pic
1971 Mistral frames Mistral cycles Cyclone
Mistral range of framesets Mistral range of cycles

1971 Cyclone

The '71 Cyclone is a Mistral in plain gauge 531, with Campag ends as an optional extra.

1972 Mistral frames Mistral cycles Cyclone
1972 Mistral range of framesets 1972 Mistral range of cycles 1972 Cyclone

The '72 Cyclone is a Mistral in plain gauge 531, with Campag ends as an optional extra.

1976 Mistral frames Mistral cycles
1976 Mistral frameset 1976 Mistral 1976 Mistral Cycle
1978 Mistral cycles Mistral cycles
1978 Mistral cycle    
1980: John Peiper's 1980 Mistral, never used and in original finish.
1980 Mistral 1980 Mistral Rear 1980 Mistral Front
Aids 1981 Mistral frameset and bike spec 1981:
1982 The Lady Mistral was launched, the wheelbase increased to 41.5 in. 1982 Mistral frame 1982 Mistral cycles
1983 Specification sheet 1983 Mistral frameset 1983 Mistral Cycles

The mistral may have been offered in 1984, but is not in the 1985 catalogue.