Holdsworth Whirlwind 1952-1958

The Whirlwind was top of the range so offered as frameset only. People buying top end models usually want to specify their own kit, or spread the expenditure.

The 1952 Whirlwind was the 1951 Sirocco renamed. For this year alone, the Whirlwind had 'Sirocco' style lugs. I wonder if Sandy discovered that the Sirocco should be Scirocco, so changed it's name to Whirlwind?
1951 Sirocco 1952 Whirlwind Full 1952 Catalogue
1951 Sirocco 1952 Whirlwind
1953 frameset 1954 frameset 1955 frameset
1953 Whirlwind 1954 Whirlwind 1955 Wirlwind
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1955 or 1956 The 1953-56 Wirlwind lugs are very distinctive. Some such frames with track rear dropouts have surfaced, so perhaps a track variant was available in 1956.

The 1957 & 1958 catalogues say the Whirlwind has a new lug style, as part-shown on the cover.
New Lugs for 1957 1957 1958
1955 or 56 Whirlwind
1957 Whirlwind 1957 Whirlwind 1958 was the last year of the Whirlwind