If you want to renovate a classic cycle frame that is out of production H Lloyd Cycles have many transfers (decals) avaliable. They carry a stock of about 300,000 transfers for classic bikes, most of which are long out of production.

email: sales@hlloydcycles.com   h-lloyd-cycles.myshopify.com

Lloyds can also supply reproduction transfers for many companies and bike shops. They have about 500 master transfers, originals from different makers for reproduced. They will want to know the make, model and year of your bike if possible. Many makers changed their decal designs for different years, this way you could well get exactly the right transfers for the model and year.

They can aslo make transfers from scratch if the original samples are not available. They may be able to reproduce transfers based on photos of the originals, though intricate designs take longer to make and can be costly. It’s best to e-mail them and tell them what you want.

Contact for reproduction transfers  email: steve@hlloydcycles.com.

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In the USA Yellowjersey supplies decals: decals@yellowjersey

Transfers were sold by Falcon Cycles some years ago, they may still be.