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The Monsoon is easily identified by it’s headlugs. The fork crown changed a few times.

1954 The fork crown seems to have a medium length point, at the fork blade.
1954 Extras

1955 The fork crown is unchanged.
1956 This Monsoon is 1955 to 1957, most probably 1956. The fork crown still has the short single point down the fork blade.1957

1959 crown is different againLower headlug and crownFork Crown
Campy rear ends
Monsoon seatlug
Monsoon Seatlug LeftUpper headlug
Bottom bracket leftBottom bracket Right
Pics courtesy of Walt

Curved brake bridge
1961 Note the long point on the side of the fork crown. Catalogue page.Monsoon headlugs and 1961 crown

1964 catalogue image.