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The Super Mistral first appeared in the 1967 or 1968 catalogue. It was a Mistral tourer with special features, including the fully sloping Prugnat fork crown (as later adopted on the Professional) extra chrome and a Campag Q/R seat bolt. It used Reynolds 531 butted tubing in long spearpoint Prugnat “I” Type lugs. The model appears to have been rested for the years 1975 & 1976, then offered for one last year in 1977.
1968: the Super Mistral Fast-Back frame was top of the factory range at £22 10s, with the standard Super Mistral at £21-15-0. Super Mistrals had fully sloping Prugnat fork crown, half chromed rear stays, fully chromed forks, a quick release seat bolt and brazed on quick release hanger for the rear centre-pull brake. The earliest ones may not have had any chrome (see 1968 cat pic for SM cycle below).1968 Super Mistral frameSuper Mistral cycles
1969 ICS advert Nov 1969 has the Mistral at £17 19 6d, Super Mistral at £23 and Fast-Back Super Mistral at £23-15s, this model has the seatstays tucked in behind the seatlug.
1970 The Factory made Professional was launched and took over as top of the factory range. This ICS ad (June 1970) has the Mistral at £21, Super Mistral at £26 and Fast-Back at £26-15s.Full 1971 Holdsworthy Catalogue1971 Fast Back in original finish(courtesy of Jeffrey Gordon)Full 1972 Holdsworthy Catalogue     Holdsworthy Range in Jan 1973:framesetcyclesEquipe  5 spd, 10 spd or 10spd Tourer $96, $100, $125Record 5 spd, 10 spd $138, $156Cyclone with Standard or Campagnolo Ends$45 or $50 Mistral 5 spd, 10 spd$63$238, $315Super Mistral 5 spd, 10 spd$76$299, $330Super Mistral Fastback$78 Professional Track$76 Professional 12 spd$98$407In the mid 1970’s the price of chrome was steadily rising and it’s use was being progressively reduced on frames. Chrome plating was a key feature of the Super Mistral and it is perhaps for this reason that the model appears to have been dropped in 1975 and 1976. 1977 models have appeared, suggesting it was re-introduced for 1977.
1977 model. Chroming was a key feature of the ‘Super’ Mistral, it’s absence may be part of the reason the model was dropped.
The Super Mistral is not in the 1978 catalogue.